Is My Mechanical Keyboard Waterproof?

Is My Mechanical Keyboard Waterproof?

Many people wonder, “is my mechanical keyboard waterproof?” The truth is, you probably aren’t going to have to worry about spills on your new mechanical keyboard. It’s more durable than you might think, and spills can usually be salvaged. Fortunately, spills can be treated quickly, and your keyboard will still be fully functional. You just have to be patient. If you’re like me, spills happen a lot.

Perixx mechanical keyboard

The Perixx PX-1900 mechanical keyboard is completely waterproof. In fact, it’s rated IP65, which means that it’s dust and water-proof. Its internal structure and circuit board are also designed to withstand the spray of water without short circuiting. That means you can use your keyboard in any environment without worrying about it catching fire. As far as durability goes, you can’t go wrong with this keyboard.

Corsair K68

The Corsair K68 mechanical keyboard has two impressive features. The first is its IP32 rating, which makes it dust and water-resistant. The K68 is not waterproof, but it is dust and water-resistant, which means it’s okay to use it in the shower or bathtub. In addition, the K68 features built-in channels for directing residual water away from the keycaps and other components. The keyboard also features drainage ports on the backside.

Adesso Easy Touch

The Adesso AKB-630UB is a waterproof, full-sized mechanical keyboard with hotkeys for Internet access and media player tools. This keyboard also features multi-functional keys for quick access to various tools. Users will appreciate the waterproof, dust-resistant design, which also makes it a durable choice. Adesso’s Easy Touch mechanical keyboards are made for durability, and the AKB-630UB features a three-year limited warranty.

Redragon K557

A water-resistant gaming keyboard is a must for gamers, and the Redragon K557 RGB is a superb example. Its over-engineered design features heavy-duty metal and ABS keycaps, high-end switches, and crisp RGB LED backlighting. The keyboard is also splash-resistant, and it comes with N-key rollover and blue switches for faster response. Its RGB LED backlighting and double-shot injection molded keycaps offer crystal-clear illumination and lettering that will not scratch off. It also has a metal-ABS construction and plate-mounted mechanical switches, keys, and switches.

Sungwoo mechanical keyboard

This Sungwoo mechanical keyboard is waterproof. It has a dustproof and waterproof design. You can clean it easily with alcohol or water. You can also fold it and keep it in a safe place when it is not in use. It is also compatible with different machines and operating systems. The Sungwoo has many good features. It’s waterproof, dustproof, and foldable. It’s also affordable. This is a great option for those who need a keyboard that will withstand water or dust.


The Periboard-517 is a wired, waterproof mechanical keyboard that meets IP65 standards. It features membrane key switches and is waterproof and dustproof, though you should not submerge it in water or place it in a dishwasher. It has been designed for hospitals and medical environments, but is still affordable. It is designed to withstand dust, water, and humidity, making it perfect for hospitals. The USB interface is an additional benefit, and the keyboard is IP65-certified.

Perixx is not a mechanical keyboard

While Sungwoo’s keyboard is made of silicone, it does not get an official IP rating. On the other hand, Perixx’s IP65 certification means it is dust and water-proof, which means it can be shot by water jets without shorting out. It also has a special circuit board design, which helps it withstand water. The Perixx keyboard also has 104 standard keys and 12 function keys. It comes at a reasonable price, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a waterproof keyboard.

Perixx is not a gaming keyboard

The Perixx mechanical keyboard is not a high-end gaming model. The brand is known for producing cheap but high-quality computer components, and this keyboard is no different. It’s a budget-friendly option, with a size of 0.91 x 12.2 x 4.37 inches and a weight of 14.8 ounces. It offers 65% of the traditional keyboard features at a lower price.

Sungwoo is not a gaming keyboard

The Sungwoo mechanical keyboard has many advantages. It is durable, compact, and water and dustproof. It can be cleaned with water or alcohol, and it has a foldable design. The Sungwoo’s mechanical key layout is easy to maintain with a kitchen washcloth and a Q-tip. While not a gaming keyboard, it will work well for most users. It also comes at a great price: less than $20.

Redragon K557 is not a gaming keyboard

The Redragon K557 RGB is not a gaming-specific keyboard, but it is an excellent budget option. This mechanical keyboard is highly-engineered, and is made of heavy-duty metal and ABS. The keycaps are double-shot injection molded and feature high-quality switches. There are six different backlight themes, including the RGB blue switch. It also has a splash-resistant design and an N-key rollover for fast and accurate command input.

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