Which is the Best Mechanical Keyboard For Office Work?

Which is the Best Mechanical Keyboard For Office Work?

If you’re looking for a new mechanical keyboard for office work, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve tested the Qisan Magicforce 68, AUKEY KM-G9, Qisan K8 Pro, and Qisan X50Q to help you decide which keyboard is best for you. These keyboards have unique features that make them great for office use. They’re designed to help you be more productive, while still looking good.

Qisan Magicforce 68

If you are looking for a mechanical keyboard for your office work, then you should consider the Qisan MagicForce 68. This keyboard is 65% compact, but doesn’t skimp on features. It offers multimedia functions, as well as secondary multimedia keys. It also has extra keys for document editing, spreadsheets, and more. However, it doesn’t come with LED backlighting. However, it is still an excellent option for those looking for a keyboard with the same high-end feel.

The Qisan Magicforce 68 comes with a 5.1-foot cable that won’t tug or cause tangles. The Qisan Magicforce 68 keyboard features Outemu brown mechanical switches, which are great clones of Cherry MX browns. The keyboard also comes with a removable cable and four extra keys. As for its price, this keyboard is well worth its price.

Another great option for office workers is the Qisan Magicforce 68 mechanical keyboard. This keyboard comes with a laser-etched PBT keycaps. The switches are able to produce a satisfying tactile feedback, and it also comes with many RGB modes. In addition, this keyboard comes with a detachable USB cable. It’s a good choice for those who need a keyboard with minimal fuss.

If you need a mechanical keyboard for office work, but you don’t want to spend a fortune, the Qisan Magicforce 68 mechanical keyboard might be a good choice. Its design is modern and stylish, and it’s easy to use. It also features several customizable switches, so you can choose the exact keys that fit your preferences. The build quality is passable, and the keyboard itself has a nice default look.


If you’re looking for a quality mechanical keyboard for office use, look no further than the AUKEY KM-G9. This model offers a wide variety of switches, including clicky, linear, and tactile. The switch design allows you to customize the keyboard’s feel, so you can choose the best option for your typing needs. The keys are also very tactile, offering excellent tactile feedback. Some users prefer the more pronounced angle of the feet, but this is a personal preference.

The design is simple, but it has a lot of features. One of the most appealing features is the TKL layout. This helps you type quickly, and the keyboard is made of durable matte black material. It also has an accident-resistant layer of protection. The keyboard can also be folded into a compact size to keep it out of the way when not in use. It’s a great option for office work or gaming.

The AUKEY KM-G9 is an entry-level TKL mechanical keyboard. It uses Outemu Blue switches, which provide tactile and audible feedback. It also has multimedia functions, including program shortcuts, and volume adjustment. You can adjust volume by holding down the FN key and pressing the F1-F12 keys. Keycaps are made of double-shot ABS, so they feel good and don’t scratch. The keyboard’s lack of backlighting is one of the biggest downsides.

Qisan K8 Pro

The K8 Pro is the only wireless mechanical keyboard with VIA support. Its 4,000-mAh battery lasts for up to 300 hours with the backlight off and up to 100 hours with RGB. This keyboard comes with a number of customization software to make it more personalized and efficient. Its low price makes it an attractive option for office workers. However, if you’re a heavy user of your keyboard, you might want to consider upgrading to the more expensive Razer Huntsman V2 TKL.

This keyboard features RGB LED lights on the keys and switch caps. The backlighting is adjustable with two levels. The keyboard has a plastic bottom piece and an aluminum case. The keyboard also has a silicone dampening bottom pad. The keyboard’s PCB is supported by a steel plate and a sound-absorbing silicone pad. A variety of switch options are supported by this keyboard. It is also hot-swappable, allowing you to swap switches without having to replace the entire keyboard.

The Qisan K8 Pro is an upgraded version of the Qisan K8. It uses Bluetooth to connect up to three devices at once, and features OSA profile PBT keycaps. It also has a hot-swappable PCB and screw-in stabilizers. It’s compatible with the VIA companion software and is capable of gaming. The keyboard also features lower latency than dedicated gaming keyboards.

Qisan X50Q

If you’re looking for a mechanical keyboard for office work that is comfortable and durable, the Qisan X50Q mechanical keyboard is worth considering. This keyboard is priced at just under 120 euro, which makes it practically a bargain. The only real difference between it and other similar mechanical keyboards is the wrist rest, which is slightly downgraded on this model. Otherwise, both models offer similar functionality and feel solid and comfortable.

The Qisan X50Q mechanical keyboard has a black anodized aluminum case and is held together with eight hexagonal screws. These screws can be seen above and below the keys, which makes customizing the keyboard easy. It also fits in well visually. Compared to other keyboards on the market, this one is very sturdy. But it does have a few flaws.

The keys of this mechanical keyboard are highly tactile. The Qisan X50Q features RGB lighting and a black uni-black design. The X50Q is also equipped with additional WASD textured keycaps, which are silver with red highlights. Although they look similar, the X50Q’s volume wheels double as “Signal” menu hotkeys. Aside from the switches, Qisan’s X50Q also comes with a USB connector. The keyboard also has a backlight, which can be a boon for office workers.

The X50Q and 5Q have volume wheels that double as notification buttons. Pressing the volume wheel down brings up the Signal Center, which allows you to see all the notifications you’ve received. While it has an extensive list of features, the average user is unlikely to make use of it. These keyboards are also great for gaming. With more than enough space, you can use them as a gaming keyboard.

Topre X50Q

The Topre X50Q mechanical keyboard is a great option for office use, thanks to its superior typing quality. It has switches that use a slider that presses on a conical spring encased in a rubber dome. A sensor on the keyboard PCB senses the change in capacitance of the spring and triggers actuation when it reaches a certain point. The switches on a Topre keyboard are more sensitive, with a much higher point of actuation. Unlike standard keyboards, the keys feel snappier and have a different feel.

The Topre X50Q mechanical keyboard is one of the best in its class, and it offers a 30-million-keystroke lifespan – well above the average for a mechanical keyboard. It has full-size keys and 13 programmable function keys. Unlike many similar keyboards, it also has an ergonomic design that’s comfortable to use. Even people with small hands can type comfortably with this keyboard.

Whether you’re a gamer or a serious office worker, you can choose from a few different color options to match your desk aesthetic. The keyboard comes in black, but you can also choose to paint it any color. Its individual keys are weighted, requiring less force than conventional mechanical keyboards. The weighting of each key is also specific, with 15 grams of pressure needed for the hardest keys.

Qisan KM-G9

The Qisan KM-G9 mechanical keypad comes with many advantages over the traditional IBM style. The compact-measure keyboard delivers an optimal ergonomic experience without widening your arms. The mechanical keyboard is also planted on the sinister side of the keyboard, preventing any tension caused by widening your arms. It has a surprisingly long cord, which is useful for stirring slack. In addition, the keyboard comes with a key puller. This extra is surprising considering the low price.

It is made of solid, heavy-duty plastic, and the red glow of the keys makes typing a pleasurable experience. The MX Blue keycaps feel good, and the keyboard is comfortable for most users. The MX Blue judge of point is super-responsive and has perfect tones. However, the lack of a wrist rest may be a concern. The keycaps are made from ABS, but there’s no wrist rest.

While the keycaps on the Qisan KM-G9 mechanically-assisted keyboard are very comfortable and reliable, there are a few flaws to be aware of. The keyboard can break when you make a lot of keystrokes. However, it’s rare that the keyboard would break. This is a significant drawback, considering how much you rely on it.

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